TransformPro v1.1

TransformPro v1.1

[imglink img=”369″ link=”TransformPro on the Asset Store” href=”!/content/82852″]A much more advanced version of TransformPro is now available on the asset store![/imglink]

Creating scenes in Unity can be a bit of a chore.The layout tools are functional, but somewhat lacking in features.

Nowhere is this more obvious than the Transform inspector. For the single most important and commonly edited component in the engine, the inspector certainly is bare bones.

In general use this is fine, but when doing a lot of intensive scene layout there are a number of situations that start to get annoying. Often I’ve found I’ve accidentally forgotten to reset the position of an empty game object before adding children to it, or moved a child object instead of the parent.

All of these things can be fixed of course, but I’ve found myself copying and pasting individual axis data, or changing the parent and spamming zeros into the transform editor more times than I care to remember.

To try and improve on this, I’ve written an editor extension, TransformPro.

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