TransformPro Released!

TransformPro Released!

TransformPro has been released on the asset store!

Dedicated Mini-site | API Documentation | Asset Store

Featuring new tools such as bounds visualisation, 1 click grounding, and quick cloning with the axis controls, laying out scenes has never been quicker!

All of the original tools are present and improved, and all features are now available through the API at runtime. These can be used to create in game mechanics such as settlement building.

The full list of current and upcoming features, along with full API documentation are available at the new dedicated mini-site.

If you have any issues or feature suggestions, please just let me know in the comments or via the contact form.


2 thoughts on “TransformPro Released!

  1. Hello,

    Using Unity 2017.1.0f1 (macOS 10.12.5 Sierra-Metal ) and getting this error when I import Transform Pro 1.3.1 into a clean new project “The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘@Main’) is missing!”.
    As a result it will not load the Gadgets/Gizmos and doesn’t function properly in the scene view.

    Please Help, thanks.

  2. Hi Carlton,

    Thanks for your message, sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    “@Main” is not an GameObject name I use and I really only reference the standard Transform beavhiour, so this sounds very unusual, especially in a clean project.

    I’ve sent you a more detailed email, I’m sure we can find the problem and solution for this.


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